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 Vetri Power System 
No 67 Mettu Street, Kanchipuram
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         Tel: +91-44-2723-3136 
  Mobile: 91-978-942-2976/+91-812-425-0529 
            _________________________________________________________________ About Us:
At Vetri Power System, we offer good quality products to our customers without compromising on Quality. We create new trends in the market by offering superior quality products at most competitive prices. Started as an Inverter and Battery Company, we have been able to market Automotive Batteries, Two Wheeler Batteries, Rechargeable Fan, CFL Lamps, MCB, DB Box, Isolator, Automotive Battery Charger and Tubular Battery Charger within a short span and we have carved ourselves a niche amongst our customers by our unique way of services and products. This is the testimony for our growth track. We offer services to our customers on a round-the-clock basis. We value customers as our greatest asset. Customer is always our boss. At VPS, we strive to become a number one company in providing good quality Inverters, Online UPS, RC Fan, etc., and we hope customers would extend their fullest co-operation for making us a number one company in Kanchipuram.

Our wide ranges of products are as follows: 1).

1.).    INVERTERS:
ICON: At Icon, we don't just provide products, we provide solution. Which is way, in less than Seventeen years, Icon has transformed itself from an inverter company into a leading Power Electronics company. It has a truly impressive range of Power Protection Systems, which are built specifically around the needs of its customers. These are Icon Eco-Series Inverters, Icon Digital Inverters, Icon Digital Home UPS, Icon Digital Sine Wave Home UPS, Icon Digital UPS System, Icon Online UPS System from 1KVA to 100KVA & Battery Chargers. 

DSP Sine Wave Home UPS (800 VA -1400 VA)

1- Can even charge zero volt deep discharged battery.

2- Reverse battery protection (optional).

3- Solar charging facility (optional).

4- Generator compatible. 

5- High efficiency; better than 85%.

6- Output Voltage Regulator: better than 5%

             i). DIGITAL HOME UPS 
*  Micro controller based.
• Runs the personal computers & acts as power back-up for the home.
• Very fast switchover time : for the computer to run uninterrupted during power cuts, without rebooting.
• 5 Stage battery charger (Bulk, Boost, Taper, Float & Reset).
• Ideal for noiseless operation for all the equipments.
• Available from 600 VA watts to 1 KVA.
• Warranty up to 2years. • Most competitive price. 

          ii). ECO SERIES INVERTER:
• Highly economical. 
• Very compact, Elegant looks.
• Single card reliability.
• Specially designed to operate small color TV with • VCD & DVD/PCO machines.
• 5 Stage charger to charge batteries upto 100AH.
• Operates on a wide input voltage range.
• Available from 150 VA to 500 VA 
Warranty of 1 year for 150 VA to 500 VA.


• Mosfet based High frequency.
• Quick battery charging in 8 Hrs.
• Light weight & easy handling.
• Over load, Deep discharge & • Over charge protection.
• Compact size & portable.
 • Table top as well as wall mountable.
• Heavy duty charging transformer.
• 3hrs backup for 3 CFL. tube (11w X 3).
• 7.5 AH SMF Battery Inside 
1 Year Warranty.
• Most competitive price in the market 3). MOTORCYCLE

• Heavy duty chasis & transformer.
• Charges at low voltage.
• Easy & maintenance free operations.
• Dual rotary switch for fine tuning & current adjustments.
• Smart Charging with automatic PFC which saves 40% electricity bill as compare to other chargers. Applications
• For automotive batteries.
• For industrial & stationary batteries. 4). TUBULAR

Aatous Power is a high performance battery designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial applications. The Aatous Power- Tubular, range is modular in structure and is capable of accommodating a wide spectrum of capacities depending on the application. 
    i). Jumbo Tubulars:  
 We have achieved great expertise in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Jumbo Tubular UPS Batteries that are environment friendly and pollution free. These batteries are for house and office use gives fantastic back up. These batteries are appreciated for high power, durable performance and extra electrolyte. 

   • Tubular plates which provide 65% more shelf-life.
  • AH – CAPACITY @ C-10
 • High efficiency.
• Durable performance.
• Dimensions : L= 545, W = 274, H = 290 IN mm.
• Two years Warranty.
• Expected life 5 years plus.

Tubulars Batteries Tubular Ranges are :-
• 12 volt 90 ah
• 12 volt 110 ah
• 12 volt 130 ah
• 12 volt 150 ah
• 12 volt 165 ah
• 12 volt 180 ah
• 12 volt 190 ah
• 12 volt 210 ah

 • Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries.
• Calcium and Silver Technologies.
• AH Capacity @ C-10.
• Available from 32 AH to 200 AH
• 1 Year Warranty.
• Most Competitive Price in the Market.

             Other ranges of Aatous Batteries:
Tubular Batteries Automotive Batteries, Traction Batteries Stationery Batteries Solar Batteries S.M.F Batteries UPS Batteries Lift invertors Servo Stabilizer Batteries With rich industrial experience, we have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of batteries. Our range includes tubular UPS batteries, sealed maintenance free batteries, battery management systems and VRLA batteries. Designed in confirmation with international quality standards these find wide application across industrial and residential sector. Our battery management system, maintain check on key operational parameters such as current, voltage, battery internal and ambient temperature during charging and discharging. Our batteries encompass: Automotive Batteries.
•Bindal Auto Comfort:
• Available Ranges: 2.5, 5 and 9LB.
• Dry Charged Batteries.
• Most Competitive Price.
 • 1 Year Warranty.
• Distributors & Dealers Are Welcome 

• Imported SMF/Gel Batteries.
• Ranges 2.5, 5 and 9 LB.
• 1 Year Warranty.
• Most Competitive Price in India. 

•SMF Batteries. 
•Available from 4.5 to 200 AH. 
•Long Backup. 
•1 Year Warranty.
• Most competitive price. 
•4.5 AH and 7.5 Batteries are the fast moving batteries. These two batteries are used in most industrial applications and we are supplying this at industry leading price. These batteries can be used for CFL Inverter, Online Home UPS, Rechargeable Fan, etc.

We are very proud to say that rechargeable fan is one of best product that we are introducing in the market and we challenge that we have no competitor for this product in India and we are the pioneer in India offering High Speed 3 Level Rechargeable Fan in India. 

                The salient features of our rechargeable fan are as follows:
•400MM fan blades with 3pcs LED lamps
•2 maintenance free lead-acid batteries - 6V4.5Ah*2.
• Level controller - 1250RPM.
• A wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment
• It can work 3-5hrs after charged.
•Case Material PP+ Rai Surface Treatment.
•Charging method: AC110V/220V.
•It can also charge the battery while the fanner working with AC and the light turns green when the batteries are full.
• Imported from Abroad
• Warranty 1 year.
• Most Competitive Price.
• Spare Parts Available with us.
• Pedestal Fan ( Useful for Office and Business Places).
• Ideal for home and for camping.
• Highest RPM in the rechargeable Fan.

Distributors & Dealership Enquiries Solicited throughout India for this product.

We offer CFL Lamps at most competitive price.
• Warranty 18 months, which is the highest in the industry. • Export Quality comparable with Branded ones.
• Available up to 12000 Hours also ( On Demand).
• Indigenously manufactured. •
• Distributors & Dealership Enquiries Solicited.

        i). Miniature Circuit Breakers:

MCB's are among the best available designed with proven, trusted and reliable German Technology to provide enhanced operating safety, Installations for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Some of the salient features of these MCB's are as below. »
Finger Protection: The New Tech MCB's are finger protected to IP 20 as per IS 8828: 1996 and IEC 898 hence the live current carrying parts cannot be touched accidentally. 
Magnetic Protection: When overload values exceed the values specified for different characteristic curves i.e. B & C a strong Magnetic field is induced which results into instantaneous tripping of MCB. 
•Effective Quenching Arc produced of contacts is rapidly pushed Magnetically into a 12 plates arc chamber where it is broken down effectively & cooled. 
•Trip Free Mechanism:  Trip free Mechanism ensure tripping of MCB even if the knob is kept in 'ON' position.
Special Silver Alloy Contacts: The contacts are made out of special silver alloy inlaid strips which gives low contact resistance resulting in low voltage drop & hence very low power consumption and temperature rise. These contacts have very excellent anti weld properties.
Thermal Protection: Small overloads are detected by fine calibrated Bimetal which deflects if the current is greater than the rated current and hence tripping the MCB.
Dual Termination:  The incoming terminals are designed for termination of Busbar as well as cable individually or simultaneously. Terminals are suitable for Cables upto 25mm². Housing The housing of Newtech 10KA MCB is injection moulded from Special grade 30% GF, fire retardant UL94, V-O Polyester which is anti-tracking and non-Hygroscopic and can withstand high temperature. Current Limiting Design The current limiting design does not allow fault current to reach its peak |k/2 & cut it at a very low value (ld). This keeps let through energy very low which enables MCB to clear short circuit breaking capacity of 10KA effectively. 
Distribution Boards (For Mounting Miniature Circuit Breakers) Wide range of Sturdy, Spacious, Aesthetically designed Newtech Distribution Systems are suitable for all type of MCB's. The units are fabricated from the best quality CRCA Steel Sheets for good strength and finish. The distribution Boards are supplied duly fitted with Busbar, Din-Channel and Neutral link. Distribution Boards are painted with latest powder coating technology. This ensures superior quality finish and also provide protection against corrosive atmosphere.

    Technical & Performance Characteristics Specification:
•IS 8828: 1996, IEC 898.
 •Current Rating 0.5 A to 63 A.
Number of Poles: SP, SPN, DP, TP, TPN, FP. •Tripping Characteristics: 'B', 'C' & DC.
Rated Voltage: 240 / 415 V.
 •Rated Frequency: 50 Hz.
Short Circuit Breaking Capacity 10,000 A. Electrical Endurance 10,000 Operations Mechanical Endurance: 1,00,000 Operations Mounting Snap: Fixing on 35mm DIN channel Mounting Position: Optional Protection Clause IP- 20.
Back up Protection: No Backup Protection necessary upto a fault level of 10KA Housing Glass fibre reinforced Polyester Terminal 25mm² Box type at Incoming & Block type at outgoing Dimensions

• Elegant Design
• Low watt loss
• Switch disconnectors, for manual operation.
• Confirm to IS 13947 Part - 3.
• Current Rating: 40 to 63 Amps.
• Voltage Rating: 240/415 VAC.
• Connection: 25 sq mm box type terminal on both side for cables.
• Available in SP, DP, TP, and FP • Mounting: Clip on DIN 35 mm rail.
• Can be mounted easily in any of the regular distribution boards.
• 1 Year Warranty.
• Most Competitive Price.

KIngmax Micro SD Card

MMCmobile memory card with high compatibility and high reliability makes your life more fun.


  • High Data Transfer Rate
  • Highest Compatibility and Reliability


  • Support MMC 4.1 & 4.2 and SPI Protocols
  • Support dual voltage ( 3.3V / 1.8V )
  • PlugnPlay compatible
  • Low Power consumption
Availabilyt 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB.

Warranty five years.

Packing: Retail

Delivery: 2 days.

Vetri Power System
Creates New Trends
Solar Fan
Solar Water Heater.
Solar inverter
We are the pioneer in rechargeable/solar fans in India. We have all varieties of Solar Fans - Table, Pedestal and Wall Mounting Fans.
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